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Used Books

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Like most readers, we have a library full of gently-used books.  We are selling these at tremendous discounts, so if you're looking for a place to stock up on vacation reading material, check here often!

JMT Publications

Violent Ward - Len Deighton
Hard-hitting detective story set in Hollywood.  Our copy is very gently used.
ISBN # 0-06-109195-2
Price - .50


Legion - William Peter Blatty

From the author of The Exorcist, a horror story describing an invasion by Satan's spawn.  Our hardbound edition is in good condition, with the dust jacket still intact.

ISBN #0-671-47045-0

Price - $2.00

Fatal Secrets - Ralph Arnote
Story of drugs, murder and international intrigue.  Our copy is in excellent condition.
ISBN# 0-81253451-4
Price - .50

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