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Kitty Vista LLC

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Welcome to our web site!
KittyVista LLC is a small producer located 30 miles east of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We feature naturally grown heirloom and unusual varieties of fruit, flowers, vegetables, and fresh and dried herbs. What we have available is listed in the callbox to the right, and during the growing season, this list changes weekly. Check back often, and feel free to contact us using our order form if you have questions or would like to locate something in particular.
For great meal ideas, recipes and food-related articles, read my columns at (Indianapolis edition)

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Cuisinart Grilling Tool Set

Cuisinart grill set

A Wayfair customer favorite, this grilling set contains all of the tools you'll need for the perfect picnic or barbecue. Case and tools are made of high quality stainless steel, yet the entire kit weighs only 4 pounds. Will last for several grilling and tailgating seasons. Limited quantities available - $49.99 with free shipping.

Grow your own lemons. Meyer lemon tree for indoor / sunroom / greenhouse growing. Flowers are fragrant, fruit is edible. Meyer lemons are known to live 20 years or more with good care.

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Welcome to KittyVista LLC, the place where food, flowers and furry beasts converge.

It's 2014, and the new year was ushered in with 12 inches of snow. Although driving was treacherous, a hearty snowfall normally brings a great crop of fruit during the summer. We're in the "planning" phase now, and like kids in a candy store, are bubbling with excitement and way too much enthusiams while thumbing through the seed catalogs and equipment brochures. Thankfully, actually having a budget in place will damper some of the insanity.

Congratulations to the City of Indianapolis. Their tree growing efforts have been applauded in Science Daily and by the Ohio Floral and Landscape Association. Read about it here.

We're always trying to learn something new at KittyVista and love to pass on recommendations for books, tools and other things that make gardening or cooking easier. A great book for anyone who wants to refresh his or her landscape is:

This manual covers the selection and care of trees that are native to Indiana as well as those widely naturalized or planted extensively, with text descriptions, botanical illustrations and color photography to assist with field identification, and distribution maps that indicate where each tree was found. A must for Hoosier gardeners and landscapers, but applicable to anyone living in the Ohio or Mississippi Valley regions.

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