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A Few Words From Moe Peachfuzz

"...And Then There Were Three..."

You're used to hearing from Moe. I'm her sister, and I have to tell you that Moe went to the veterinarian yesterday......  That's really all I want to say about things. Moe had cancer - according to the vet, it was a one in a million thing - but it made it hard for her to eat, drink and groom. She could barely meow, because her vocal chords were affected.


It's never easy to lose a brother or sister, and even a cat knows when one of his or her feline family members is missing.  The house seems quieter. There's no one around to hiss at me to stop eating out of her favorite dish. The chipmunk I brought home goes unappreciated.  Things are just different.


Even the neighborhood dogs will miss Moe. She kept them on their toes. Her favorite thing was to wander into their yard and get them all stirred up, then race up into the canopy of a maple tree and watch them yelping, howling and straining at their tethers.  One day, this game went a little awry. I watched Moe race goggle eyed into the garden, followed by a charging red-headed furrball that was barking furiously and wagging his tail at the same time. He thought this was a great game. Moe was not amused.  Our human had to round us all up and carry us in the crook of her arms like small footballs, with the utility room of the house being the end zone.


Our human will make a special spot in the garden for Moe. She always likes to plant something that reminds her of the cat that was.  If Moe were here, I'd tell her, "Mom is planting stinkweed in your honor" just to get her goat. I know she would have had a great response to that! Moe always was one to have the last word.


In spite of some of the catty things I've said about Moe, I really did love her. She was feisty, opinionated and pretty much a bossy cat, but she could purr with the best of them and enjoyed a good game of chase, pounce and bat. She always let me know when their was a lightning bug in the house so that we could run amuck chasing the phantom light and drive our human nuts in the process. Wherever Moe is now, I hope she's found some catnip, a great sunbeam and a never-ending supply of chicken and tuna.