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We offer the following services to individuals, businesses or corporations. These services can be contracted for individually, or as a package. For our self-publishing clients, we include all the components of this list in our quote to you.

We can also perform ghostwriting and copywriting for authors who may be in need of such assistance. Use ourQuick Quote form for pricing on your project!

JMT Publications

Proofreading - We can work with MS Word files, .rtf formatted files or laser printed output. We check for typographical errors, misspellings, misused words and punctuation problems.

Editing - highly recommended for self-publishers, our professional editors go over your text thoroughly, checking spelling, grammar, structure and cohesion. We will redline your copy and return it to you with recommended changes.  This top-quality service is perfomed by a published author with several years in the publishing business, and ensures that your self-published book is as polished and professional as any released by a commercial publisher. Your final product will be polished, highly readable, and will be able to withstand even the harshest critical review.

Typesetting / Page Layout - We can take handwritten, typewritten, dictated or unformatted text files (.txt or .rtf format) and transform it into print-ready copy. Your pages will be formatted exactly as any printer or publisher requires, and will be returned to you in digital format.

Book cover design - We contract with top-quality freelance illustrators and graphic designers for our book covers.  Our artists will work with you and utilize your ideas to create a book cover with impact.

Obtain ISBN number and barcode, Library of Congress listing and register copyright

Printing and bindery - We work with both offset and digital printers, and have released paperbacks and hardcover books.  Our primary criterion is quality, and we assure you that whether your book is done digitally or offset, it will conform to all specifications and requirements of booksellers and libraries nationwide.

Reviews and Manuscript Critique Services - Our team of reviewers offer fair, unbiased opinions that are posted to the sales pages of the on-line booksellers listing your title. We help build "buzz" for your book, and of course, you can quote from these reviews in any of your marketing materials.


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