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Kitty Vista LLC

Meet The Cats


Here are the real stars of the show.

Another member of the Vast Right-Pawed Conspiracy

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Moe quality checks our catnip crop

Moe giving mother Ladybug a headache

Buckley and George
"So this is indoor plumbing!"

Oh Nuts Candy Nuts Chocolate & Gifts



Serving as supervisors, quality control managers and general nuisances when it suits their needs, this small herd of geriatric felines (youngest is age 7, oldest is 14) make up the staff of KittyVista. Our spokescat is George, the elder statesman of the group. CFO (Chief Feline Officer) is Brando, so named because he bears a strong resemblance to the actor when he played in the movie, The Wild One, and when he meows, it sounds like "Stel-la!" Marketing belongs to Manny, Moe and Peachfuzz. Midas and Marco Polo pretty much just hang out, showing up for meals and board meetings (or lap time).

Changing Links!

Changing LINKS

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