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Kitty Vista Organics
Our Products

We have listed the broad categories of products we sell.  Throughout the postings, there are links to product pages, with pricing, descriptions, and PayPal buttons for your convenience. For local orders of produce, please shop through

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Fresh Cut Flowers
Our cut flower selection includes tulips, peonies, Dutch iris, zinnias, larkspur, ranunculus, gladiolus, sunflowers and our trademark antique roses.


Fresh & Dried Herbs and Herbal Products

Especially for the gourmet cook, we offer fresh and dried herbs such as oregano, spearmint, pepppermint, lemon balm, Genovese basil, sage, thyme, dill and cilantro.  We also offer garlic - either as individual heads or braided - and have added horseradish this year.

Our trademark Cat's Delight Organically Grown Catnip is now available in regular size (1 oz catproof container) and SuperSize (4 oz catproof plastic container). Both are shippable, and can be purchased by mail through the above link.

Finally, we've added Kittensoft Herbal Hand Lotion. This product is non-greasy, all natural and works to alleviate dry, chapped skin. Try it after your bath - it's luxury in a bottle.


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Fruits and Vegetables


We offer a selection of fruits and vegetables, including raspberries, heirloom tomatoes in a range of colors, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers and squash.

We deliver within a 25 mile radius of our farm.  Contact us if you would like pricing and availability of any product we sell.

KittyVista Organics ~ PO Box 64 ~ Shirley, Indiana 47384 ~ 765-737-6867